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Got to love Phoenix, AZ


Top Five Things to Do in Phoenix

The greatest part about traveling is finding hidden gems and visiting awesome places you have not been seen before. Phoenix, AZ is a beautiful city with a lovely desert climate, over 330 days of sunshine a year, and is surrounded by the Sonoran Desert. There are thousands of activities that you can do in Phoenix, whether you want to go to a beautiful park, visit a museum, or explore some amazing cuisine, you will definitely find something that suits you.

Here is a list of five things you will love doing in Phoenix.

  1. Visit some museums. Phoenix has some amazing museums to explore. These museums are the top rated that you should definitely incorporate into your visit.
    1. Musical Instrument Museum- This is the largest musical museum in the world. While strolling through the museum you will see over 15,000 musical instruments from countries around the word. If you have children they will love The Experience Gallery located on the ground floor where they can touch and play with many instruments from across different cultures. If you get hungry while visiting the museum they have a lovely cafe called Cafe Allegro. This is definitely a museum you do not want to miss.
    2. Heard Museum-The Heard Museum is dedicated to showcasing the living history of Native people so they have many current pieces. If you are in town the Heard hosts several festivals throughout the year. The annual el Mercado de Las Artes normally happens in November, full of strolling mariachis and exhibiting art work of Hispanic Artists.
    3. Phoenix Art Museum– The Phoenix Art Museum is the largest museum for visual art in the southwestern United states. It boasts over 18,000 works. The exhibit rooms are very spacious, there is a lovely gift shop, and a very nice in house cafe.
  2. Get in touch with nature. Phoenix has an abundant resource of nature park. The desert setting will be a huge change of scenery for many visitors. Here’s a list of the best parks and nature centers you should not miss.
    1. Desert Botanical Garden-Located only minutes from downtown you will see tons of flora an fauna. There butterfly tent is definitely something you do not want to miss. For those who do not live around cacti they will be absolutely stunned at the huge collection. There is a nice restaurant on site as well as an adorable gift shop.
    2. Camelback Mountain-If you enjoy hiking and rock climbing this is a place you do not want to miss. The views from the mountain are so incredible. There is a climb called the praying monk in which you can repel down. The hikes are challenging so make sure you bring plenty of water, especially in the hot summers.
    3. South Mountain Park- Only a 15 minute drive from downtown Phoenix this is a beautiful park features multiple trails that interconnect. The trails will offer you amazing views of the city, but the further down the trails you go you find yourself in a peaceful area.
  3. Try a new outdoor activity. Phoenix offers a vast array of outdoor activities, from golfing to balloon rides there is something for everyone. Here are the top outdoor activities to try while visiting Phoenix.
    1. Western Destinations Canyon Creek Ranch- Here you can ride the trails and pay some cowboy games. You will receive an educated guide who is highly professional and will take excellent care of you. This excursion is great for family, corporations, or just an individual wanting some Rest and Adventure!
    2. Rainbow Ryders, Inc. Hot Air Balloon Company- This is an opportunity to take a huge adventure. You can take a hot air balloon into the sunrise or into the sunset. Considering that Arizona has some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the world it is definitely worth a try. With such a nice view of the North Phoenix Valley you’re definitely going to want to bring a camera.
    3. Arzona Outdoor Fun- There are so many activities you can try with Arizona Outdoor Fun the adventure is endless. You could take an ATV tour, do a shooting adventure, rent jet skis, or even paddle boats. This company offers adventures for everyone. The staff is excellent and the adventures are definitely worth every penny.
  4. Visit some amazing landmarks. There are multiple sights and landmarks to see throughout Phoenix. Whether you want to see a point of interest, a historic or religious site, or even a castle you can do that. Here are a few sites that are definitely worth checking out.
    1. Mary’s Basilica- One of the most beautiful churches in Phoenix you will be amazed at it’s old mission style design and it’s exquisite stained glass windows. It is in downtown Phoenix and definitely not a sight you want to miss.
    2. Mystery Castle- If you love eclectic this is definitely a stop for you. It is full of recycled redesigns and definitely unique that was built by a father for his daughter. You should definitely stop by to see what this amazing place inspires in you.
    3. Orpheum Theater- If you do not go here to see a show make sure you stop by to see the lovely architecture. You will be absolutely stunned at the amazing stonework. However, they do have amazing shows here. It is full of charm and beautiful decor. Definitely don’t miss a stop here.
    4. Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights- While tours must be made in advanced the architecture is something to be amazed of. It appears to be the shape of a wedding cake. Many who book the tour state the family history is very neat. So if you want to book a tour make sure you do so far in advance.
  5. Try out some unique drink and dining tours. Phoenix has much to offer in fine dining and drink. There are several tours available to make sure you experience the best of dining and drinking Phoenix has to offer.
    1. Taste it tours- You will try a variety of food while see the sights along the way. This is an excellent way to try to the fare offered in Phoenix
    2. Road Dog’s Phoenix Brewery Tours- You will definitely have a blast on this tour. The tour guide’s with Road Dog’s are some of the best around. They are very informative and can tell you more about Phoenix than just great beer.

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¬†If you are visiting Phoenix soon these are some incredible things to try out. However, don’t ¬†forget to ask the locals about hidden gems. Have a great trip!