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How to put the mojo back into your life!!


When a pedicure isn’t enough…

I was fast approaching 50 and I was dreading it. I felt dowdy and frumpy and wanted to give myself a complete makeover so I could look the future in the eye and stay young and active in my fifties….and in the years to follow.

I looked at myself and I felt miserable. I just hadn’t bothered. I was comfortable with the way I looked and in my thirties and forties I had just been preoccupied with my family and my job. I spoke to a couple of girlfriends and they agreed this was the perfect time to go for a complete makeover. My best critic was my eldest daughter, who was always trying to give me tips on how to look better and younger. I always put her off. Half through complacency and half through sheer terror. The thought of going to a gym or trying on clothes in a good clothes shop literally scared the pants off me.

Firstly I needed to get some exercise. I loved swimming when I was younger, so I started swimming twice a week, and I loved it! Then I went with my daughter to get a facial. I had my legs waxed, for the first time in years and I had a pedicure.

Next I needed a new hair style. Wow! What a difference that made. Then we hit the shops for some new outfits. I really loved it! It also meant I spent time with my daughter. We shopped and we lunched and we had a great time.

I showed my new look off to my girlfriends and they were really impressed. One of them suggested I get my teeth whitened. I hadn’t thought about teeth whitening. My teeth were ok but they could be better. So I made an appointment. Two of my friends decided to get their teeth whitened as well. I was really excited to see the results as I had heard so much about the results that can be achieved. Come the day and I was a bit nervous. I needn’t have been. It was a really fun occasion. The results were AMAZING! I loved my new white teeth.

A week later my husband Geoff had arranged a big family get together for my 50th birthday. People arrived at the party that I hadn’t seen for years. They all remarked how young and well I looked. We had a fabulous time and I felt great! I don’t feel daunted by reaching the big 50 now. I intend to keep up my new look. I regularly go to have my toes painted and I still swim twice a week. I just needed a little push to give myself a new lease of life!