How to get the best glazing prices?

We have some top tips on how to get the best deals on glazing for your UK home.

The best way to get a deal on any product or service, is to understand it, especially glazing, as double glazing salesmen are renowned for wheeling and dealing and several phrases have been coined around ‘… double glazing salesman’.

So we discussed how to get a good deal with the men themselves and how to ensure it all goes well after the negotiation as well. The fitting and installation of the windows.

  1. Always find out who they have installed windows for in your area. This is a great top tip, because if you ask someone, they will nearly always gladly tell you, especially if their windows were not good.
  2. You have to research the double glazing subject well, and know what you want, what are your window requirements.
  3. Always go for a local glazier, it will be so much easier and nicer to form a relationship, go talk to. Once you have done that, it is great for you, you will have some one who is both local and you trust to deal with.
  4. Always select a local glazier who has an actual telephone line and not just a mobile, it isn’t a good indication of the sort of local glazier he is, you need more than one glazier in their company to help you, in case of issues and emergencies.
  5. The windows, glass and fittings should have a warranty of 10 years. Sometimes they only do 5 year warranties and that isn’t good enough for a reputable glazier.
  6. To bring the overall cost down, replace a lot of your windows, as many as you can afford.
  7. If there are issues, talk to your local glazier as soon as you can, they will help you out. Don’t wait.
  8. The glazier will do anything and everything to finish the job off, they will be tryng to make you a long term customer for the glazing business.

These top tips came from our local Bromley glazier, Bromley Glass 24/7, who also do emergency glazing as do many good local glaziers.

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