Top tips to avoid bed bugs

It is difficult to avoid the presence of bugs due to their small size and how they move from one place to the next but, after careful research, I’ve come up with some of the best ways to keep them away:

  1. Watch for signs of infestation such as waking up with bites, see live bugs or dark or black spots on the red bedding, carpets, walls and furniture. Early detection of bugs is the key to prevent them from spreading.
  2. Try to block as many points of entry as possible such as windows, nooks and crannies between your doors, etc.
  3. Inspect used furniture thoroughly before bringing it home. Check pads, zippers, seams under furniture and even the springs and frames to find any evidence of infestation. If possible use a magnifying glass. Watch out for discarded items in alleys and dumpsters, in fact don’t pick them up at all.
  4. Inspect mattresses and furniture when visiting unknown places. Bed bugs can be carried on your clothes and suitcases and you would risk of bring them home with you.

More top tips for controlling on-going pests:

Persist! Once the bugs have come into your home, the best thing to do is be persistent. This problem will require many different tactics and several weeks of cleaning and getting rid of the bugs so follow these tips:

1.Find out where they hide. Bedbugs are not only in mattresses (though those are their favorite hiding places). Check along baseboards, beneath and behind the dresser and in other nearby parts that are hidden in the dark.

  1. Vacuum carefully in infested areas. This will quickly remove large amount of live bugs. Remove the content or the vacuum bag, place it in a plastic bag, seal it tightly and quickly trash it.
  2. Clean the furniture with a steam cleaner to kill bugs and eggs remaining. Now portable steam cleaners are easy to get and clean both furniture and mattresses. Bed bugs are vulnerable when exposed to temperatures above 97 ° F. Steam temperatures should be over 120 ° F to create the greatest impact possible. Slowly pass the steamer over infested areas. You should always be careful with these high temperatures.



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